The ramp in front of airline operations at the Big Town airport is a busy place.  Airplanes gather there to talk and wait until they are assigned a trip.  


Jack the Jumbo and another airliner named Superslim were busy talking when a new plane taxied up.  His name was Wally, Wally the Widebody.  Wally looked a little different than the other jets at the airport.  Wally was very, very wide.


Jack teased Wally about being so wide.  "I don't think I could get my wings around you, Wally," he said.   
"Wally, if you were thin like me, you'd be normal," teased Superslim. 
Wally just laughed.  He told them, "I am normal and someday you will see what I'm designed to do."  Jack and Superslim did not understand what Wally was talking about.


One day, the jets were on the ramp waiting for their trip assignments.  The man from airport operations walked out and said, "Wally, I've got a group of more than 400 people that need to go somewhere right now.  You're the only one who can fly that many people at one time."


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